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We offer solutions oriented support by industry experts who conduct product analysis in a laboratory setting or often by visiting manufacturing sites, assessing product blends, and
improving results.


We have the available capital to make consistent purchases from the distribution point from suppliers who are unable to offer customers terms or unable to conduct
business within Mexico.


Our logistics division excels by uncovering opportunities to reduce costs, track shipments, and anticipate slow downs. We have quickly become the best in transporting materials from the USA into Mexico by using our extensive knowledge in all modes of transportation and leveraging years of expertise and experience in this arena.


We supply products to our customer base door to door on consignment or by offering some of the most competitive terms in the industry.


Our three strategically located warehouses give us a competitive advantage by allowing our customers same day product supply reliably.

Project Developing

solution must be executed. Our experienced staff has been part of multiple large scale projects in a variety of industries and have solutions readily available for regular
or specific challenges.

Mexican Representation

We have found that many suppliers want exposure in the Mexican market, but are challenged by the cultural, legal, security and language barriers. We have a sales team in both Monterrey and Mexico City with administration, logistics, and accounting staff that can offer support. Let Minerex be your business footprint within Mexico.